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2 months ago

Movies have turned out to be one of the biggest and best ways of relieving ourselves of the stress we feel. 

Still, not everyone wants to watch movies on popular platforms like Netflix or show max etc that is why they will go to popular sites like Yomovi, Waploaded and so many other sites to download their movies.

It will surprise you to know that most of the websites where you download movies get their content from meet download and that's one of the things we would be talking about in this article.  

If you have ever downloaded a movie from Netnaija, you will know that you get redirected to Mega which is the source where they get the source of their movies. 

Meetdownload and Mega are the same as they perform the same task which is serving as a public server for other websites. 

MeetDownload Movies is an online movie download site where you can receive a variety of movies such as action movies, Indian movies, Chinese movies, Nollywood movies, Hollywood movies, Ghallywood movies, and so on.

If you want to watch some of the biggest and latest movies in Nigeria, this is where you will find them and download them for free. 

In this article, we are going to also look at some other similar sites that also perform this same task or let's call it the best alternative to Meetdownload. 

Meetdownload - Download Latest Movies easily

Just as we explained before, this is a place where you can download some of the best movies, both Nollywood, Hollywood or even some Korean movies. 

If you want to download the best movies from anywhere, go to meetdownload

Many of the music and movie download websites you see on the internet all get your content from meetdownload, the website serves as a public host where people can download any kind of find and embed it on their site. 

For everyone that is using meetdownload as their public host or server, it also serves as a referral domain to the website. 

You do not only collect files from the site you can also download movies directly from there without any form of redirection. 

Why People Love MeetDownload

If there is one thing about meetdownload that everyone who has visited the site would love is the site speed. 

Though the site has some ads that do navigate and get your search moved in a different direction when you return it will take you to the correct place. 

Nobody would love to stay on a very slow site, meet download doesn't waste time downloading movies or music as long as your internet connection is okay. 

If you love to download movies from waploaded then you should also love to download movies or any mind of media files from Meedownload too because they share the same file hosting. 

Traffic Statistics 

The global ranking for meetdownload is 259,067, while in America it is ranking 381,396.

Coming down to the category which is movies and music downloads and we can call it general entertainment, it is ranked 1,341 in the world. 

The total number of traffic received on the websites is close to 250k and the number of time spent on the site by a user is approximately 57 seconds, making the bounce rate move up to 51.38%. 

If you then calculate the number of pages per visit, it will be 1.91. 

In the last three months, the global ranking for meet download was 260,067 and now it has moved up to  259,067 which is a great improvement. 

All these the country that sent the most traffic to meetdownload is the USA with over 16% of the total traffic coming from there, France, on the other hand, is taking 9.22% making it the second highest traffic generator and then China is the third with 7% and then followed up by Brazil by 4% and finally Germany with 4%. 

Though there are still other countries that are performing well and traffic too, the above mentioned are the constant ones. 

The content from meetdownload is promoted on four major social media platforms, YouTube, Tiktok, Twitter and Vikonta. 

Still, on the traffic Analysis, the website receives at least 58% traffic from referrals, an example of a referral website is nairaland and it also receives 25% of its traffic from social media while the direct traffic is just 14%.

Websites that Use Meetdownload 

Here we would talk about some of the popular websites that use meetdownload to serve the best music and movies downloads to their audience. 

1. FZ TV Series 

This is a popular movie and music download website that serve its audience the latest movies you can find on the internet.

If you have ever tried to download movies from the FZ TV series, it will still refer you back to meet download where you will see the original download file. 

2. Waploaded 

This is one of the top ten most visited websites in Nigeria when it comes to movies and music downloads. 

Meetdownload is also a source for all the movies you will get on upload. 

Every download link will always redirect you to meetdownload where you will complete your movie download.  

3. Yomovi

This is another great website where you can download all your favourite movies and just like other popular websites we have mentioned here is Yomovi, there all get their content from 


Is meetdownload a movie download site? 

Yes, it is a site where you can download all your favourite Hollywood movie and you can also get a link to your website if you have a similar site 

Can I download files from meetdownload 

As long as it is related to movies, meetdownload will allow you to download any kind of file. 


In this article, we have been able to show you some of the best websites that use meet download, so even if you are not able to use the website itself, you can use the above-listed sites. 

For more information or if you have questions or suggestions, you can leave a comment below. 

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