Love is Not Love (2020) 720p

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 Early December, New York City, and everyone is talking about something. Their lives. But, no, something more. Love. They are in the hunt for love. Why? Because they haven’t found it and because they haven’t found it, they imagine it. They make it into a myth and chase the myth instead. And that is not love. Meet Frank.

Frank’s not young. Meet Reyna. Reyna is young. They become lovers, but Frank winds up back at the fragile altar of his 30-year marriage to Paula. Who’d he pick? Two Irish Construction Workers dig for the answer in the myth of Tristan and Isolde. Do we make our own choices or does Fate do it for us? And in the meantime, all we have is the Chase.

The narrator, Joelle, asks-how many lives do you think you get to live-in this recurring conflict between the erotic and the domestic, between myth and mortality, between you and the one you’re still looking for.


Genres: Romance

IMDB Rating: n/a

Director(s): Stephen Keep Mills

Stars: Stephen Keep Mills , Alejandra Gollas , Louise Martin 

Runtime: 1 h 34 min

Release Date: 2020

Resolution: 1280x720

Language: English

Subtitle: English

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