No Volume, Slow Download? (See How to Solve it)

7 months ago

We know people have been complaining of these two errors, we would answer them below and give you solution.

1. No Volume in Some movie why?

We watch most if not all of our movie, they barely get errors. If you have downloaded any movie or series and it doesn't have volume. Do this.

Make sure you are watching the film with and UPDATED VERSION of VLC Media Player and when Watching, You increase your VLC Media player Volume to 200%. Most of the series including Money heist has been seen and it all has volume.

Click link to Download VLC Media player if you don't have it below or search various stores,

We recommend VLC Media player, Switch to it and make sure you are using an Updated Version and the volume is increased.

2. The download speed is too slow!

Sometimes the download speed may be too slow depending on the number of traffic hitting the website or the location you are trying to download from, we recommend you use IDM popularly known as Internet Download Manager, in some devices like Macbook, you see them as Free Download Manager and Iphones are Files - File Manager.

These download managers tries to connect to your downloads from almost exact location as the servers the files are store and hence the speed would be much.

Please Download the Managers, Search your Various apps stores.

NOTE: You can still learn how to download movie with VLC media player on Iphone

NOTE 2: Once Files App is installed on your Iphone, you can auto-download using Safari browser on Waploaded too.

3. No Download Link on Some files

For several reasons including Copyright and others, we delete movie and series, so when some of these series are deleted, there may no longer be on our website, most of the movies younger than 2018 may also not be available due to reasons they aren't on our server.

We can not control what happens with this, we also can not fix them for you, you just have to use other sources, buy original ones or use Netflix.

We are really trying to satisfy you all, if you have questions or further complaints kindly email we will treat those whose reports has screenshots to help us better understand their issues.

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