Star Wars Releases Chewbacca Shoes That Are Just As Hairy As The Big Guy Himself

5 days ago

Fans of Star Wars’ fluffiest yet deadliest smuggler can now show off their love with a designer pair of Chewbacca-themed sneakers from Adidas. This is just another addition to the ever-increasing roster of Star Wars-themed merchandise making its way to store shelves.

Though not necessarily considered one of the “main three” in the Star Wars original trilogy, Chewie certainly has plenty of devoted fans and has gotten more attention with the most recent trilogy. This culminated in Chewie receiving a medal in Rise of Skywalker, a reference to the controversial awards ceremony at the end of A New Hope. In addition to narrative recognition, Chewbacca, the Wookie, has gotten plenty of merch representation. The majority of these representations tend to include a ton of fluff and fur and his iconic ammunition belt.

This is the exact representation that the designers at Adidas have chosen to go with, as we can see in a recent review from Uproxx. The shoes are called the Chewbacca Rivalry Hi and feature a classic hi-top design modified with patches of fur (faux fur, of course). The shoe also features a small leather belt draped over the tongue of the high-top, making it look like you’re wearing Chewbacca on your feet. There’s also a tiny portrait of the Wookie embroidered on the tongue, and a larger full-body illustration on the insole. The review of these shoes is somewhat mixed; the reviewer calls the design impractical and states that “the Chewbacca Rivalry Hi looks more like a collector’s item than an actual functional piece of footwear.” The shoes will be available for purchase on the Adidas UK website starting October 21 and are currently priced at $155.

Notably, this isn’t the only designer sneaker Adidas has created for Star Wars. Just last month, the company announced that they would be releasing a Boba Fett-themed shoe, inspired by the bounty hunter’s battle-scarred armor. The design of this Boba Fett sneaker is just as unique as this new Chewbacca shoe, but is much sleeker in design and doesn’t suffer from the same bulkiness that the fur patches provide.

Given this, interested buyers might wonder whether the Boba Fett shoe is a more practical choice for a typical consumer. Granted, both of these products are priced at over a hundred dollars, so they are definitely meant to be collector’s items rather than everyday wear. Even so, these Chewbacca sneakers are sure to be a unique addition to any Star Wars fan’s memorabilia collection.

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