Superman & Lois Move Back To Smallville After A Tragic Event In Upcoming Show

1 week ago

Superman & Lois will see its titular characters head back to Smallville following a terrible tragedy. The CW series was announced in early 2020 and will premiere in 2021 as part of the greater Arrowverse.

While DC Universe fans may be familiar with Henry Cavill and Amy Adams in the roles of Superman and Lois, respectively, Superman & Lois is shaking things up. Instead, Superman will be played by actor Tyler Hoechlin, while Elizabeth Tulloch will star in the role of Lois Lane. Although The CW has remained largely quiet on major plotlines for the show, the series will spend some time focused on Clark and Lois' roles as parents. More specifically, this means that Super Sons Jonathan and Jordan Kent are also set to be on the show as well, although they will appear as teenagers.

The Superman & Lois panel at DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse reveals that Clark and Lois will move back to Smallville after a tragic event takes place. Although panelists Jim Lee, Todd Helbing, Hoechlin, and Tulloch didn't reveal specifics about the event, showrunner Helbing states that they wanted to follow a narrative where Clark and Lois left Metropolis following the unnamed tragedy; as a result, the pair "find that it's easier to raise kids" in an area that's far calmer than the big city.

In addition, Helbing says that this narrative decision was based, in part, on his own life. Helbing explains that he grew up in a small town that "had a business leave" which impacted many of the residents. As he watched his town begin to "dry up," he felt it mirrored many of the events that had occurred since the Great Recession in 2008. In an effort to create a realistic portrayal of current events, he and the team decided to move Clark and Lois back to Smallville. Although this decision to transplant the duo from bustling Metropolis to small-town Kansas might be disappointing for some, it's evident that the move is a distinct creative decision and one that showrunners have thought through carefully.

It'll be hard not to see Superman in his usual stomping grounds of the City of Tomorrow, but it will undoubtedly be interesting to see how the Kents tackle parenting on the farm. Regardless, it seems the show is already determined to bring us a side of Superman and Lois that isn't commonly seen, at least not in mainstream media. Saving the world is easy—but can the iconic couple from Superman & Lois handle parenting in Smallville?

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